Welcome to my "Wild West" themed Whirled, Pilgrim!

   Along with most of the props you see in the room above, I also created several Cowboy Avatars for Whirled. They are the pioneers of the theme and also the first to actually "duel". I am one of the first few creators to mess around with newly provided features in Whirled's SDK. The Ranger & Outlaw avatars are my test bed for the avatar to avatar interaction, first one to trigger the shooting actions triggers the death animation of the other. These avatars are also my first try at emulating another artist's style (whilst injecting some of my own - it can't be helped). They are some of my first avatars that has complex animation sequences. Click on their icons for a preview an more information. To view them in full action, please visit and join Whirled then find and purchase them from the avatar shop. ^_^

Ranger  Outlaw  Gunfighter 


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